Over the course of the month before my surgery I went through many important steps to prepare for MMA. Early on I saw my orthodontist, Dr. Audrey Yoon, in preperation for the surgery. They prepared my braces with surgical hooks and some other hardware. Additonally they also conducted CBCT and Intraoral scans to prepare for the Virtual Surgical Planning.

This is basically a new method of surgical planning where the surgeon and orthodntist work with biomedical engineer to virtually determine the skeletal movements to be done along with choosing appropriate custom hardware for the procedure. The planning company will then create custom 3D printed splints to be used during surgery, allowing for very accurate positioning of the jaws.

Sample Virtual Plan with Red Surgical Splint for Genio

Later that month I had my final appointment with Dr. Stanley Liu at Stanford. During this appointment, I disccused many of the specific post op procedures and medications with the nurse. She made sure all the directions were very clear to me and answered many of my questions which was very helpful. Later in my appointment one of the fellows came in to answer any questions and take very professional pre-op photos. Towards the end I disscussed the surgical plan with Dr. Liu. He told me how he had two virtual plans prepared which was very impressive. Basically he would try both of these plans in the operating room to see which one best optimizes breathing then bite and finally beauty. In fact, he also planned on some rotation of my maxilla and mandible to optimize my smile arc along with all those other factors. Specifically the plan consisted of moving the Pognion (Chin Point) 12-15mm along with minimized movement of the maxilla in order to maintain aesthetics.